Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bankruptcy Auction Il Campione Cycles Inc.

Campione has been slowly liquidated over the last few weeks. Most of the prices have been way to high to make checking out the auction worth while, even at 50% off retail. $250 for an obslete stem is alomst worse than some of the posts on Craigslist.  Best to wait for the auction on May 30th 2013 unless you relish the idea of paying top buck for obsolete or obscure road bike parts. 175mm Dura Ace Octalink triple for 500$ any takers? From what I gleaned during my visit last week most things will be sold off in lots. I'm sure craigslist will be swamped with magnesium Deda 1" threadless, Nitto chromoloy trakc drops and Gippemme wheelsets in no time. Check out more details and some photos here

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