Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You say Canadian tire, we say Canadian Ire! - Canadian Tire bicycles 2013

Lock your doors, it ain't safe anymore. I am sure Canadian Tire wasn't intending a commentary on their bicycle assembly when they selected this song but...

Awhile back I posted this video asking if anyone could see the problem so here is the answer. At 0:12 seconds in,  a girl rides by on a bike with the fork installed backwards. You can see the brake cable as it awkwardly wraps around the outside of the fork. This is dangerous for numerous reasons that I wont get into.

You don't buy a BBQ from a bicycle store, so why would you buy a bicycle from a store that sells BBQ's and patio furniture. This should be a heads up for anyone considering buying one of these bicycles. This is an obvious mistake, one that anyone who knows anything about bicycles should be able to point out --yet alone some one is is "qualified" to assemble bicycles for the retail market. If something this obvious made it into an advertisement imagine what else they are missing.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Smoke on the Wade-rrrrrr

Fuck The Bike Rental Shops! Vancouver gets a bike share program

It's official Vancouver has been approved for a bike share program for Spring 2014. Helmets will be provided though dispensing system so you can share your sweat with someone else. While a few Vampire bike rental shops are complaining about the program it's great for everyone else. They just need to equip the bikes with one of these. More info here

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Ridin Durty!

10 per cent of adults now cycle at least once a week, now the Happy Ride seat will no doubt encourage a few more to embrace two wheels...
What could be better for those long hard rides than the Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat from Sexshop365. Add a bit of zip to your daily commute or add a bit of zip to up your banana seat.  The controls are hidden in a discreet pocket in the back, so you can adjust it to your preferred level of stimulation. You can choose from just tweaking my nipples to a full on BB repack! Unfortunately this still doesn't guarantee that drivers will see you coming. Get yours here

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Road Pron


Good ‘ol Lance
"Does anyone know Lance’s cell phone? ‘Cause we need him bad.
This Wiggins-Froome thing has gotten totally out of hand. One day we were watching a doped up superman who boinked models and actresses and rock stars, who owned ranches and mansions and private jets, who was devilishly good looking, whose ego was bigger than Dallas and twice as gnarly, who ground people up into hamburger meat on and off the bike, who beat cancer, cured cancer, sued enemies into oblivion, had an entourage of global financiers, Italian dope doctors, starlets, drug mules, presidents and scientists and who, with only one nut still had bigger balls than the entire pro peloton, and then, BAM!
We were watching Chris fucking Froome, a human insect who can’t even pedal properly, a craven little wussmeister whose doping program is “marginal gains” instead of “ram the whole 12,000 cc up my ass,” an awkward, unappetizing robot who confirms what every motorist instinctively knows: Cyclists are contemptible arthropods deserving nothing so much as the heel of a boot...."

Full article here

Friday, July 26, 2013

BMX bandits

Bicycle Graphic Design

Time to wax up your mustache and break out the free range organic popcorn.

Strava Heat Maps

Want to know where the hot lines are in your hood, then check Heat Maps. Heat maps pulls data from Strava show you where people are riding in your area and how often.

"Heatmaps of where people ride. This is something I’ve wanted for years. When I go somewhere new I want an easy way to find the good roads. Plain and simple.

To meet this need I created a Heatmap on Race Shape. It uses rides that have been Race Shaped. Entire rides are downloaded during the process and are then used to make the map.

It does not show a uniform representation of where people ride. That’s unfortunate but new rides are added every hour so the map does get more up to date as time goes on. However, tiles are cached both on the server and in your browser so you may need to wait an extra 5-10 minutes for new data to appear.

Anyway, I hope the map taps into your curiosity about local riding and helps you find great routes when you’re on the road."

Via Race shape

Thanks Sierra Mist!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Douche bag action figures?

via Hypebeast

Douche Bag Alert - Wesley John Devries

If anyone see this man. Please immediately contact Dunbar Cycles(1-877304-1480) or the Vancouver Police Department . He goes by the name of Wesley John Devries. He is in possession of a Large Black Carbon Intense Carbine 275 Complete with a XT build kit. *REWARD*

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bike Smut Seven - The Porny Express

Details are sketchy and a bit hard to pin down but on a crumpled flyer I was handed this is what I was able to decipher:

Saturday July 20TH @ 6pm
DeadBabyBikes ClubHouse
855 East Hastings St.

"The only way to see Bike Smut is when it plays in a theater, bike shop or basement for a live audience. There are no DVDs for sale and no screeners for the media. This creates a challenge for us but is the only way to ensure the filmmaker's privacy, and it woks. After more than 1,000 screenings we have had no leaks. We keep filmmakers' identity as safe as they desire.
Bike Smut is a shared experience. Typically we view porn only in the most private places in our home (or for some, at work) are rarely do we talk about it. This is a call for a more honesty in our sexuality. Sex happens. We can either ignore it or accept it. Watching Bike Smut in a social setting encourages talking about sex, gender and other topics considered taboo.
Bike Smut is civic. Current political policies are designed to repress sexual expression and transportation choice. The Bike Smut film festival challenges that trend by enthusiastically displaying the quality of creative expression and the amount of fun inherent in both cycling and sex. Both actives are worth elements of a healthy lifestyle and a pleasant quality of life.
Feeling bike-curious? Why don't you tell us what you think bike porn is, or better yet show us by making a short film. Any consenting adult can do it!"

Links to trailers here - NSFW

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do / Don't


Rocky Mountain Blizzard with Syncros Powerlight fork and stem. Also noteworthy are the severed shift and brake cables. Tres tragique, n'est-ce pas?

Riding a sketchy fork with a reputation for catastrophic failure is why chicks dig you! Well, that and the scars. Shred on, brah!

Placing a tie on your crappy old mixtie isn't fooling anyone. We know you're trying hard for the pun, but spare us.

Maybe you could weave it into some polyester bar tape and post it on Pinterest.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Luddites Rejoice

An e-bike for those who haven't lost their dignity, not to bad looking. The bike is a Sutro frame from Misison Bicycles with a custom designed electric assist accessory package by George Schnakenberg.

check out George's portfolio here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ed Simpkins

I am sad for all parties involved, but am hopeful that there might be some closure go Ed's family and friends.
Burnaby RCMP say the female suspect in the hit and run death of 72-year old cyclist Ed Simpkins turned herself in Monday, with a lawyer.
Image from Global News
Full story here

Shop till you drop

Well done shopping cart trailer hack.

Fail - tire patch

Sneaker Freaker

Things are getting a bit Imelda Marcos here at C6R HQ.

Canadian Tire Bike Commercial (Spring 2013) - It ain't safe no more.

Here's a challenge, Aside from the obvious cruiser bike faux pas, everyone knows the cool bikes for 40 year olds are fixies (duh)! How many things can you spot wrong in this video?  Just like the song say's it ain't safe no more.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vive le / Grieve le, 27" X 1-1/4"


     I've been hearing a lot of hype about wheel sizes. The inter webs are filled with chunky 700c or 29'er pluses for monster cross and cross country bikes. 650B (or 27.5) is the darling for all mountain and touring, and the list goes on. Its about time road cyclists had a revolution, or better yet a resurrection.

     While roadies are all a buzz about 11 speed cassettes and disc brakes, what about the rest of us that actually ride bikes? What road riding needs is a wheel revolution for the every-man. We all now know mountain biking marketing that bigger is better. Sorry 650c.

     If higher volume, larger tires that are more comfy then It's about time to resurrect the 27" X 1-1/4"  and  27" X 1-1/8" tire size. It's think this is the ultimate wheel size for the next big marketing push that is taking place in road riding.

     Specialized and Giro have been pushing the casual road riding revolution, now all they need is a wheel size to make the marketing complete. And just try fitting a monstrous 27" X 1-1/4" wheel into your tiny frame, good luck. This almost assures bike industry success, just look at 650B go!

 So go buy that rusty old Apollo, Sekine or Raleigh and polish that turd up. Just think about the money you will save with the endless supply of cheap wheels. Case a transfer, no problem head to your  nearest bike kitchen or community bike shop. Whe you can pick-up a wheel for ledd than 15$ it's almost as good as being a sponsored pro. The other upside is that there are soooo many tire choices for under $25.  How could you go wrong?

Ugh, fail

First big rip on the new-to-me bike. Got a little wreckless and the freeroaded myself into some thorns. I then proceeded to blow the bead off the rim with my emergency CO2. I delfated the tire to save the tube which has left me stranded on 7 road and Rive road. No bike shops or pumps for miles.

Update: Thanks manyto Tim from Victoria, he saved the day by lending me his pump!

Back to the future

Still lusting after those XT thumbies, all you need is a 3D printer? Printed Thumbie by Rich Olsen.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

R.I.P Ed Simpkins

Ed was a regular for many years at the bikeshop I work at. He was a pain in the ass but I loved him for it. I always made a point of being the one to help him when he came in. He was a remarkable fellow. He had just recovered from hip replacement and survived a major stoke. I am deeply saddened to learn of his tragic death. My deepest condolence to his friends and family.
Video via CBC here

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grieve Le Tour

The Tour used to be a race for hard men. Only a few finished, and even then just barely. There were no team radios, heart rate monitors, team masseurs or spandex. Hell, there wasn't even refreshment stations, riders just ran into stores and snatched things off the shelves. Instead of grabbing some wonder supplement before a climb they sparked up cigarettes and pounded beers. The spirit of the original tour is long since dead. The Tour is dead. Grieve Le Tour


Vive le tour! from Bear Thunder on Vimeo.

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