Monday, July 8, 2013

Vive le / Grieve le, 27" X 1-1/4"


     I've been hearing a lot of hype about wheel sizes. The inter webs are filled with chunky 700c or 29'er pluses for monster cross and cross country bikes. 650B (or 27.5) is the darling for all mountain and touring, and the list goes on. Its about time road cyclists had a revolution, or better yet a resurrection.

     While roadies are all a buzz about 11 speed cassettes and disc brakes, what about the rest of us that actually ride bikes? What road riding needs is a wheel revolution for the every-man. We all now know mountain biking marketing that bigger is better. Sorry 650c.

     If higher volume, larger tires that are more comfy then It's about time to resurrect the 27" X 1-1/4"  and  27" X 1-1/8" tire size. It's think this is the ultimate wheel size for the next big marketing push that is taking place in road riding.

     Specialized and Giro have been pushing the casual road riding revolution, now all they need is a wheel size to make the marketing complete. And just try fitting a monstrous 27" X 1-1/4" wheel into your tiny frame, good luck. This almost assures bike industry success, just look at 650B go!

 So go buy that rusty old Apollo, Sekine or Raleigh and polish that turd up. Just think about the money you will save with the endless supply of cheap wheels. Case a transfer, no problem head to your  nearest bike kitchen or community bike shop. Whe you can pick-up a wheel for ledd than 15$ it's almost as good as being a sponsored pro. The other upside is that there are soooo many tire choices for under $25.  How could you go wrong?

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