Thursday, September 26, 2013

The secret bike mechanic: 10 things people never say in restaurants

Great artilce by secret mechanic

The secret bike mechanic: 10 things people never say in restaurants: "If I bring my own food, can you just heat it up for me?" And if the proprietor obligingly says yes to (1), then: "I don&#...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beauty is only skin deep

If lugged carbon bikes are sick, then this is ebola. Can you say #meattubes

One Wheel Wheelie


Whats black & yellow & whack all over? Sate Bicyles X The Wu Tang Clan

What the fuck? Wu Tang, wake the fuck up, this like remixing Enter the 36 Chambers into a #Dub-step mash-up album. Is #Skrillex running you marketing department? Did #Raewkwon need more money for doughnuts? Not sure which one is worse but it seems like the Wu will just throw their name on any black and yellow piece of shit.
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if I see anyone riding around on these wack pieces of shit they best Protect Ya Neck's... with this Bern lid.

..and don't forget to toll your Bells of War

I can't leave this rant unresolved so I will throw them a bone. This, with a god damn machine-gun aerobars, inter-grated bong bento box, and a straight up mathematics gear inch chart printed out from #HarrisCyclery is what the Wu-tang need be riding. Amen!

#statebicycles  #wutangclan

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Bike Theft in Vancouver is so bad

Vancouver Bicycle theft

Vallie Components

Vallie Components - Find out more

The internet is awash with the lastest from #interbike2013,  fuck that noise for now. Here is something from Vancouver from some one that didn't have to pay $20, 000 to get some exposure. Lyle Vallie is a one man operation designing and manufacturing burly and obsessively well though out hubs, cogs and frames. The frames appear to be personal projects for now, hopefully the will become available.

His ground up designed hubs use a ISO disc mount for the cog to eliminate stripped threads and feature a burly as fuck 15mm hollow female axle running on Japanese 6902 bearings.

He also does amazinly nerdy frame modifications, repairs. Like say, you need a disc mount on you IRO that plays well with your Chub hub and gives you clearance for your rotor and a workable chain line -yeah he can do that too.

real deal

More on Lyle's Photo stream here and on Vallie components website

Thursday, September 12, 2013



Looks like Greggors finally got himself a new helmet. I don't mean to get all #vancouvercycle chic, but I think I've seen newer helmets in the free bin at OCB. Those shitz aren't like a fine wine they expire every 5 years.

#ourcommmunitybikes #greggorrobertson #vancouverbikelanes

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I want this so badly...

#KingCage #titanium bell that doubles as a shot glass! More here
First saw this beauty on the super bad ass #Moots trial maintenance bike pictured below.

Moots/Imba Trail Maintenance Bike - Closeups 

Real Bicycles- Masher's Cramerotti

This is a new photo series which I hope to grow into a larger project about #realbicycles. Real Bikes are the bikes that the cheap skate or grizzled mechanic has crafted from the best of the left overs. They represent the cream of the crop from the parts bin and salvaged detritus. They take some crafty tinkering or brute force to string them together. They are'nt #beatifulbicycles but these are the gems I love the most.

Masher's Cramerotti
#Columbus SLX tubed #Cramerotti

This is my primary commuter, bar bike and #endroad #freeroad ride. Its shit kicked and a bit botched together just look at that stack height!

The frame was given to me by a good friend, who had ridden it hard into the ground. The seatpost was seized making the slightly too large bike even more cumbersome. Previous to him it had belonged to his brother inlaw who had couriered on it in Montreal a decade before.