Saturday, September 21, 2013

Whats black & yellow & whack all over? Sate Bicyles X The Wu Tang Clan

What the fuck? Wu Tang, wake the fuck up, this like remixing Enter the 36 Chambers into a #Dub-step mash-up album. Is #Skrillex running you marketing department? Did #Raewkwon need more money for doughnuts? Not sure which one is worse but it seems like the Wu will just throw their name on any black and yellow piece of shit.
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if I see anyone riding around on these wack pieces of shit they best Protect Ya Neck's... with this Bern lid.

..and don't forget to toll your Bells of War

I can't leave this rant unresolved so I will throw them a bone. This, with a god damn machine-gun aerobars, inter-grated bong bento box, and a straight up mathematics gear inch chart printed out from #HarrisCyclery is what the Wu-tang need be riding. Amen!

#statebicycles  #wutangclan

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