Sunday, March 30, 2014

House of Chain - Now Open for Business!

I love it when my friends open bike shops!
House of Chain is now open for business at 235-2083 Alma Street which is the Old Running Room Location just off West 4th on Alma.

In addition to being all around great guys, the founders Anton and Craig are both very knowledgeable about bikes and mechanics. Keep your eyes open for more post about House of Chain  soon.

From the House of Chain  website
"House of Chain was founded in 2013 by Anton Kochetkov and Craig Bullock.
Anton came from Kyrgystan with plans to open his own store.  Craig's been wanting to open a shop for years.  After working together at a local bike shop for over 2 years, a great partnership was born and a vision to open one of Vancouver greatest stores was realized.
Before he immigrated to Canada, Anton was the Federation of Mountain Bike Champion for his home country.  He also started his own bike shop which fueled the desire for Mountain Biking in Kyrgystan.  So many people wanted bikes that he had trouble buying them locally.  His next step was to start importing them and he became the largest distributor of Mountain Bikes.
Craig has always been in Canada. After riding bikes since childhood for some fun but mostly transportation, he got bit by the Freeride bug in the late '90s.  After a serious shoulder injury ended his hopes of a racing career he spent more time repairing and selling bikes then riding them.  Craig has over 10 years of experience in the bike industry.
Anton and Craig are not just guys who like bikes.  They love bikes but they also have vast experience in the Retail Bike Industry.  This experience has given them an insight into what other shops are failing at.  They are focusing on Inventory Management and Special Orders/Shipping."

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